Windcandle is wooden outdoor candle that loves the breeze, the beach, the summer and the winter. They create a mild atmosphere and provide a warm and cosy light. Maximum visual effect is achieved on windy and dusky days.
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NaturGrill is a biodegradable wooden grill set for one-time BBQ. Very good eco-friendly alternative to an aluminium instant grill. No chemicals! NO waste! Natural food taste!
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Birch Candleholders
Unique birch candleholder from natural birch wood. Gives a cozy feeling and a warm atmosphere. Each candleholder is unique and handcrafted.
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To give people emotion as a Ticket to Nature and
increasing people’s environmental awareness.

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Woodbright is a well-known brand of environmentally friendly
waste-free decorative products and accessories.

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Innovatsiooniosaku toetus nr EU60933 "Puidust kiirgrillikomplekti välispatendeerimine“
Innovation Unit Support No. EU60933 "External patenting of a wooden instant barbecue set"