About us

Woodbright is a family-owned company that operates in Pärnu County, Estonia. Woodbright OÜ was founded in November 2012. It all started in summer 2012 when we took a daytrip to the seaside. We decided to make a fire to create a cosy, uplifting atmosphere. Although in the forest we came across lots of firewood, it was all too damp to use – it would never take. And there and then the idea was born: a product which would be dry, easy to light and start a nice fire.  At first, we concentrated on market research. The question was whether petrol stations sell any products in addition to logs which are heavy to carry and create lots of debris. It became clear that there were some competitors, i.e. burning stumps, on the market, but these were few and far between and the selection was somewhat poor. That was why our team decided to have a go at creating the product. Our friends liked it from the very start and continued ordering it from us.

The idea came about in June 2012 and the first sales were made at the end of the summer at the Ancient Lights event held in Pärnu. Today, thanks to Brain Hunt – an annual start-up competition for young entrepreneurs – Woodbright offers environmentally friendly wooden products for burning and decorative purposes. Created by us hanging out on the beach, the original idea has evolved into the Woodbright brand, whose products are available on the Estonian retail market. Soon, Woodbright’s products will also be available in Finland and Germany. Woodbright is a perfect example of how a simple idea can be transformed into a successful export business creating added value for a natural raw material abundant in Estonia – forests.

Currently, the company is focused on producing wood-burning products, such as wooden outdoor candles as swedish torches and windcandles, also wooden instant grills and grillplates. The main goal of Woodbright’s products is to be a ticket to nature for modern people with comfortable lifestyles, enabling them to enjoy effective natural fires and to fill their homes with the cosy, down-to-earth atmosphere created by the natural glow of burning wood.

Our mission: To provide people who love fires and value all things environmentally friendly with products that match their values and are easy to use.

Our vision: In 2020, Woodbright OÜ will operate as the largest manufacturer of wooden candles.

We are looking for domestic and foreign partners (distributors, dealers, agents, retail and wholesale trade)!


“Woodbright OÜ’s development activities focused on export growth” was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and was implemented during the period 01.05.2017 to 31.10.2018. Project was supported by EAS Development voucher grant.